Thermosyphon Solar Water System
Thermosyphon Solar Water System

The system consists of a single part, a rigid chassis that provide collectors and bundled the water storage tank over. On the outside, this system is compact, simple, economical and above all it fits all types of roofing.
The benefits range Thermosiphon:
 water storage tank from 150 to 500 liters (possibly 600L with two balls connected by 2 x 300L)
• Tank 316L (thickness 1.2mm or 1.5mm optional)
 Polyurethane foam insulation 45 or 50mm
 External casing made ​​of galvanized steel coated with a white paint with anti UV. The colors of vats of RANGES "Thermosiphon" that can be customized (optional)
 Electric Resistance series (1.5 kW or 2 x 1.5 = 3KW)
The range consists of:
 highly selective sensor technology Bluetech (from 1 to 4 sensors)
 Water storage tank with stainless steel electro-solar
• Fixing galvanized steel (+ UV protective coating optional)
• Set of brass fittings