iG SolTherm's Forced Solar Water Heater Systems FC300L are arriving to our Lille warehouse (Northern France) with availability around 10th of June. For distributor applicants, please contact us in order to book your system sample!
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iG Soltherm confirm its Financial Partnership with the French Britainy Team "Eco Solar Breizh", which is developing a solar electric vehicle (and electronic!) named "Heol", vying for the famous australian race “World Solar Challenge" (2013 Edition).
Good Luck "Heol"!



Thermodisc 89T13
Thermodisc 89T13

IG Soltherm water storage tanks are now equipped with THERMODISC ® thermostats, controlling the work electric heater element according desired lowest and highest water temperatures. Switches work with bimetal discs, sensitive to temperature and provide instant contact cut. These thermomstats are also with build with automatic reset.


iG SolTherm.,Ltd is a company born around experts in the renewable energy sector, we develop and manufacture innovative products that contribute to eco civility of users, taking advantage of solar energy simply offered to us , clean energy, renewable and free!


iG SolTherm differs mainly in the manufacture of flat plate collectors certified "Solar Keymark", manufactured with German technology absorbers "Bluetec"®. We also innovate in manufacturing robust SUS316L stainless steel water storage tanks and currently offer, in addition to vertical lines, horizontal hybrid models pressurized both usable in version thermosyphon or forced circulation, tanks have the advantage of taps (in/out put) on the sides covers.

Then with the support of partners of choice, we are able to provide solar water heating systems used to complete multiple applications: residential, business and industry.


We thank our loyal customers for their support and feedback on the quality and expertise, helping to ensure that we develop tomorrow's products, tailored to your needs, efficient and always looking for competitive prices.


NB: we provides professionals only, importers and wholesalers in the sector (not to non-professional individuals!).


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